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Dosing device for washing and cleaning production

We support plant construction companies, manufacturers, and processors in the detergent and cleaner industry with pumps and systems for many different processes. Whether pumps for detergent production or complete systems for the manufacture of cleaners – ShenBei has exactly what you need! We work with you to plan all the important process-related operations, such as conveying, metering, mixing, heating, and cooling so that you can process your raw product cost-effectively.

Cleaners and detergents

precise, formula-controlled systems with ShenBei

ShenBei offers continually operating, formula-controlled systems for the manufacture of household and industrial cleaners in all commercially available surfactant concentrations – from raw product to end product.

We use surfactants as the main active ingredients as they have special properties. Each molecule has one hydrophobic and one hydrophilic end. ShenBei also supports surfactant production and processing.

ShenBei Pumps and Systems In the Manufacture of Detergents and Cleaners

Our experts are on hand with help and advice and will work with you to develop custom systems and plants for manufacturing cleaners and detergents. You can rely on our many years of industry expertise.

The diagram shows you the basic illustration of a surfactant processing system.

We especially focus on the typical process steps during the manufacture of detergents and many other end products with ShenBei pumps and systems.

Example process stepsExamples of end products

The conveying and metering of






 other additives and raw products

LES dilution

Production of washing powder using spray drying

Static or dynamic mixing

Heating and cooling

Liquid detergents and heavy-duty detergents

Powder detergents

(Floor) cleaners

Dishwashing liquid

Fabric softeners




Wet wipes

Washing gel, shower gel

Solutions for the Manufacture of Cleaners and Detergents

We work with you to plan and implement fully automated and formula-controlled systems and assist you during the switchover from batch to continuous processing.

The development of the concept, engineering, construction, and delivery of the detergent production system, as well as the process steps including instrumentation, control systems, and automation: everything comes from a single source. Even after commissioning, we support you with comprehensive services, for example in process technology, we offer assistance during process optimization, mechanical maintenance and repair, or with instrumentation and control technology.


High end pumps, equipment and systems

We deliver high-end pumps integrated into complete systems and units for your specific聽applications. In doing so, we of course rely on the tried-and-tested ShenBei quality.

Tried and tested modular system

We design our systems and units in modular design with numerous engine and pump head combinations for different applications.

Easy to clean

An especially important advantage for pharmaceutical and food industry is that our systems can be quickly and easily cleaned with cleaning chemicals or hot steam.

Economic solutions

We always deliver economic pumps, systems and units with minimized energy consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance and a long lifetime.

Special materials

On request, we can build systems with special materials such as Hastelloy, titanium, duplex stainless steel or further materials. If you are interested, please contact our product manager.

International standards

ShenBei pumps, systems and units are compliant with major international standards such as DVGW G280, WHG, PED, ISO 9001, ASME, ATEX and TA-Luft. Of course, you can also define your own standards.

Flexible application

High variability in operation in terms of pressure, temperature, flow rate and fluid properties with high metering accuracy guarantee a wide range of applications.

Patented sandwich diaphragm

Our patented diaphragm metering pumps use metal or PTFE sandwich diaphragms with Diaphragm Protection System (DPS) for maximum operational safety.

Complete documentation

Receive supporting documents and certificates, including the operating instructions, as well as design and test details in different languages.

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